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The Best Tea For You This Spring and Summer

Spring and summer is a good time to drink tea to detoxify the liver and lose weight. But this year's spring and summer are different from previous years.

Spring and summer is a good time to drink tea to detoxify the liver and lose weight. But this year’s spring and summer are different from previous years. You can’t drink tea casually, otherwise it will hurt your spleen and stomach. Why? Because this year is the year of Xin Chou, the metal is too strong. According to the Theory of the Five Elements, metal harms wood. Therefore, the liver, which is of the wood element, is especially vulnerable and needs to be taken care of.

In addition, this year’s strong metal qi will also damage the earth qi, which makes the spleen and stomach (which belong to the earch element) weak too. Tea belongs to the wood element, which restrains the earth element. So if you drink ordinary tea to protect the liver It will make your already weak spleen become even weaker. The spleen is an important organ that produces qi and blood. You definitely do not want to damage your spleen!

How can we cleanse the liver, protect the liver, and invigorate the spleen all at the same time? Ripe pu-erh tea or raw pu-erh tea that’s at least seven years old can help you achieve your goals.

How come Puerh tea not only cleanse the liver but also protect the spleen?


All teas have wood properties, which can invigorate the liver, but hurt the spleen and stomach. However, in addition to the wood properties, Puerh tea also has earth properties, so it can protect the spleen and stomach.

1. The soil where the Puerh tea tree grows contains endless earth properties: the soil where the Puerh tea tree grows is not black, yellow, nor sandy, but red, which is the land formed after the eruption of a volcano. The colour red belongs to the fire element, so this piece of land has the strongest fire. In the Theory of the Five Elements, fire generates earth. Therefore, the soil here has immense earth properties and has the characteristics of endless growth.

2. Puerh tea tree species have strong earth properties: Unlike young and small tea tree species in other parts of China, Yunnan pu-erh tea trees are taller trees that can withstand more sunlight, so they have more yang energy and can protect the spleen yang; at the same time, they are mostly older species, from a few hundred to one thousand years old. The older the tree, the stronger its earth property, so it can invigorate the spleen and stomach. On the contrary, the young tree species has strong wood properties and can be too aggressive, which can easily hurt the spleen and stomach.

3. The unique geographical location where Puerh tea trees grow is rich in earth properties: Puerh tea trees grow in the Hengduan Mountains of Yunnan in the southwestern border of China, where the hexagram Kun is located in the Eight Diagrams. Kun itself is earthy and virtuous, so here is the place with the most abundant earth properties in China. The thick earth virtues and the earthiness of the spleen are in harmony, and have a great soothing effect on the spleen and stomach.

The Hengduan Mountain Range is the longest, widest and most typical north-south mountain range in China, and it is a mountain group composed of seven parallel mountain ranges. It has a unique geographical location and a unique climate. A great mountain produces great things. The mountain is Gen (艮) in the eight triagrams. If you add one more stroke to the top of this Chinese character 艮, then it turns into 良, which means excellence. Therefore, the things produced on the mountain are good things. The things produced on a magical mountain are even more magical and wonderful.

Choosing the Right Puerh Tea


Although Puerh tea has both earth and wood properties, meaning it can soothe the liver and invigorate the spleen, it is still necessary to choose the right type. According to the degree of fermentation and efficacy of Puerh tea, it can be divided into two categories: raw Puerh and ripe Puerh.

Ripe Puerh is fermented tea that has gone through an accelerated aging process. During the fermentation process, a lot of the wood element are transformed into water element. Water elemtn is associated with the the kidneys, so Puerh tea also has nourishing and purifying effects for your kidneys. In addition, the fermented Puerh tea has less coldness and more warmth, which is very suitable for nourishing your yang energy in spring and summer, and is in line with the the principle “nourish yang energy in spring and summer” from Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine.

Compared to the ripe Puerh, the raw Puerh is more cold and has stronger wood element. It is not as gentle and as mild as the rupe Puer. Therefore, it is better to drink less for people with weak spleen and stomach. However, if it has been stored for more than 7 years, it will be different. Because it has been naturally fermented in the during the yeras, and its properties have become more and more gentle and mild, so it is also extremely good for the spleen and stomach.

How To Know If Your Spleen and Stomach Are Weak


After drinking tea, many people experience stomach pain, acid reflux, and bad breath. These are all signs of weakness in the spleen and stomach. Some people, even when not drinking tea, often feel loss of appetite, bloating, belching, acid regurgitation, heartburn, diarrhea and constipation, which are also manifestations of insufficiency of the spleen and stomach. People with weak spleen and stomach need to be especially careful in choosing tea varieties, so as not to weaken the body as they drink tea. Some people drink too much tea and cause damage to the spleen and stomach, and many tea masters have spleen and stomach problems.

Nowadays many people have a lot of stress and anxiety, but they also want to drink tea to refresh their brains, detox the liver and improve their eyesight. The best choice is ripe Puerh, or raw Puerh that has been stored for more than seven years.

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