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How our patients restored their health after visiting our clinic.

Skin Problems


Before seeing Shu Rong, I had in the past visited two other experienced acupuncturists for extended periods. With them, I had never noticed any improvement in my symptoms (my problem was panic attacks, shortness of breath, vertigo and exhaustion). I just hoped a trusted that the treatment was ‘doing me good’ anyway.

But with Shu Rong I felt a dramatic improvement immediately after the first acupuncture session. And after about 5 days on the herbs, I felt a further dramatic improvement. After 2 weeks of herbs and 2 acupunture sessions, I feel fully well now.

Ellen H.


Before starting, I suffered from bad acne for 14 years on my back and chest. They  also started appearing on my arms and face as it got worse. My periods were always painful and the colouring was not normal. My stomach would bloat and hurt constantly. I would get headaches often and my nose was constantly congested every morning.  After three weeks of treatment my acne is pretty much completely gone. I get the occasional spot come up but it disappears much quicker now. My tummy is not as bloated and I don't get much pain anymore. My head feels much clearer and my mood calmer. I haven't had a headache for two weeks now. I haven't had to clear my nose since starting treatment either. Overall I am starting to feel so much better and happier in myself.

Kati H.


I've suffered eczema for 10 years and used all possible medication (including steroids) to heal it. I received Shu Rong's number from my work colleague. I started attending the therapy sessions weekly (acupuncture and herbal treatment) and noticed improvement even after two weeks of treatment. After a couple of weeks, my skin looked and felt softer and all of the rash and eczema had gone. I also felt less tired which can help to manage my condition better. I recommend Shu Rong to anyone with a skin condition.

Maike M.

General Poor Health

When I first started treatment with Shu Rong, I was suffering from generally poor health in terms of fatigue, headaches, etc. specifically I was experiencing "eruptions" all over my body, especially below my knees. These "eruptions" were open and red, looking like small wounds and when healed would leave permanent and disfiguring bruise marks of a deep brown colour. Blood tests showed problems in coagulation. I was also taking large quantities of medicine to control my blood pressure and hypertension. I had been taking such medicine for over 10 years. I should add that I am 70 years old.

Shu Rong set up a course of treatment for me consisting of acupuncture and daily doses of herbs. Since I have started treatment in traditional Chinese medicine under her guidance, I have had the following positive effects:

1. I no longer have any "eruptions".

2. The "eruptions" I have had became much lighter in colour, hence, less disfiguring;

3. I no longer take any medicine for blood pressure and hypertension and hence do not experience their undesirable side effects; 

4. My general health and energy is much better.

I recommend without reserve acupuncture and herbal medicine. And I recommend without reserve Shu Rong for both her diagnostic capabilities and for her use of these traditional medical techniques.

Frederick C.

Health Problem

I had hardly any energy left in my body. Tiredness wouldn't leave me even after my attempts to have a "good" sleep. Every day I was up a few times to the loo and on top of that I had hot flushes. My lower back and kidney area felt cold all the time and my digestion was not good. 

The first thing Shu Rong said to me after taking my pulse was that I have a very low chi as I was an old person and that I pulled too much life energy from my kidneys. Being it my fifties that wasn't good news. But the diagnosis was correct, that's exactly how I felt. After three months of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I feel alive again. My symptoms vanished and I enjoy a deep sleep at night. Thank you Shu Rong for mending my body and helping to get my energy back.

Jadwiga K.

Health Problem

I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms after I came off from the medication I had been taking for 16 months. The main symptoms are dizziness, lost appetite, insomnia. I wake up at 3 or 4 am every morning with vivid dreams. 

After a few days of my first session of acupuncture and taking herbal medicine, I felt much better. My dizziness nearly disappeared. I only feel it occasionally and it is much better than before. My appetite improved as well. I still have a lot of dreams, but I do not feel as stressful as before when I woke up from the dreams. I am now in the second week of the treatment. Sometimes I can sleep all the way through the night and wake up at 6 in the morning, which means about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

Bo L.


I'm working in an office and usually spend 6-8 hours per day sitting at my desk. As a result I've had back pain for years and tried various treatments to reduce the pain. In addition, after years of playing football I suffered from knee pain. After the second treatment by Shu Rong including herbal consolidation and acupuncture, my conditions improved significantly. My back pain and knee pain are gone, and my overall energy level is overall much better. No doubt this has had a very positive influence on my motivation and performance at work.

Thomas L.

For 18 months I have been suffering with severe back pain. Everyday was a struggle especially trying to look after two children. I am a keen runner and this was no longer possible. Friends highly recommended Chinese medicine and acupuncture as they had had amazing results themselves. I found Shu Rong through the internet. She was very welcoming and listened to my ailments. 

After four sessions, I had a complete change. My back has been feeling so much better and pain-free. It's only now that I realise how much I really was suffering and how little things, e.g. putting on my socks, getting up from a chair, or turning over in bed was a painful effort. Gradually I have introduced running back into my life and feel fantastic. Meeting Shu Rong has improved my life dramatically. I know this sounds a bit of a cliché but it is 100% true.

Jo H.

For many years I had suffered from serious back problems and although I had tried many treatments, they were only giving me short time relief. My condition had reached the stage that all specialists that I had visited were only recommending the solution of operation. I was then referred to Shu Rong and decided to try acupuncture. 

Since the first treatment there was a noticeable difference and over the past couple of years my back condition has improved considerably. I am grateful to Shu Rong for all the help she has provided me with.

Argyro C.


I have been in severe pain ever since I had a car accident ten years ago in which I sustained major internal injuries and three crush fractures of the spine. Since being treated by Shu Rong, not only has my pain virtually gone, but I am less depressed and my energy level has increased.

Doreen B.


When I first contacted Shu Rong I had long been suffering from headaches. I tried different painkillers, including those only available with prescription, but nothing helped. Then my wife suggested trying acupuncture. We found Shu Rong's website and decided to give it a try. 

During the initial consultation Shu Rong suggested that I start taking herbal supplements to enhance the effects of acupuncture, which I did. After 5 sessions I started feeling the effect: the headaches became less frequent and not as painful as they used to be. After the 7th session, the headaches stopped. I am very grateful to Shu Rong for helping me. We will contact her again for a pre-conception treatment for my wife.

Alex P.


I have had asthma for 3.5 years since spring 2006, and some problems with my digestion system. After the treatment in Shu Rong's clinic since September 2009, my asthma symptoms -coughing - have totally gone, plus my other problems have been sorted gradually. Shu Rong's method on my treatments mainly combines herbs and acupuncture. Her professional skills and caring nature are much appreciated. I am still under treatment of other minor problems, hopefully I will have a completely healthy body soon. Her medical treatments are highly recommended. Thank you very much!

Jing H.

Hair Loss

Several months ago, I have been diagnosed as having Alopecia Arata Universalis, typified by having many bald patches on the scalp, in addition to having facial hair loss. Two senior consultants in an renowned hospital assured that in their 15 years of experience they haven't had any patients under their care experiencing facial hair regrowth after conventional western medical treatment. 

Although I could not offer a rigorous scientific explanation for the effectiveness of alternative medicine in treating Alopecia, notwithstanding my extreme skepticism for it as a scientist, I decided to give it a try.

To my surprise, after approximately 3 months of undergoing acupuncture and herbs, I started to notice gradual hair re-growth. By the end of six months, I experienced complete hair regrowth on both my face and scalp. I would like to sincerely thank Shu Rong for her care and concern throughout the treatment period.

Dr. Nabieh A.

 I'm 51 years old. My hair started falling out when I was 26. I thought that growing my hair out was impossible. I went to Shu Rong for treatment because of my hypertension illness. During my treatment, she suggested to me herbal medicine to apply to my head. I started applying this medicine to my head every evening. 

We began to see tiny hairs after 15 days, and my hairs that existed before were looking much thicker. I have been applying that medicine for 4 weeks. Now, the tiny hairs increased. I believe my hair will grow out much more. My wife and I trust and are really appreciative of Shu Rong and her treatment.

Metin D.

I was introduced to the herbal hair treatment by my friend, and at first I was skeptical about this, because I had heard of other products which promised hair re-growth, but don't work. After persuasion from my friend, I decided to go for it. Though I am not completely bald, my hair was beginning to recede from the scalp upwards. 

After disciplining my self to using the herbal conditioner everyday, I soon noticed that my hair was feeling different and that new growth of hair was developing, I was very happy about this, and I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to restore their hair. I will continue to use this, until otherwise told. I would like to thank Shu Rong for this excellent and exciting product, continue this good work.


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