Attention: Women Over Age 40…

Reduce the Signs of Ageing with a Blend of 13 Traditional Chinese Herbs

Herbal Super-Serum Sheet Mask
15-Minute Solution for Busy Women

If you’re a woman over 40, you know how challenging it is to deal with ageing skin…

Moreover, external factors like sun exposure, harsh weather conditions, and air pollution can further affect the skin’s ability to retain moisture and maintain its elasticity.

Imagine if you could…

In just one month…

How would this make you feel?

You can enjoy all these amazing benefits…

But first…

See how our customers are achieving their best skin.

Hi, my name is Shu Rong and I’ve been helping elderly women in preventing signs of aging for the last 30 years.

I’m a Chinese Medicine practitioner of over 30 years, and I have to tell you… some Chinese women inherited incredible beauty secrets over the past 5,000 years.

Some of these beauty formulas & regimens have been passed down as home remedies from mother to daughter. But many have been lost. So, I opened the ancient books of health & longevity to recover these lost beauty secrets.

I combined my decades of experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, along with what I found in the books, and the insights my ‘TCM extraordinaire’ grandfather passed on to me… to create a new, 100% natural facial rejuvenation formula using the most powerful anti-ageing herbs.

This product is the culmination of my herbal expertise. I can’t wait for you to experience the transformative power of my formula on your skin!”

To read the story of how I recovered ‘lost’ beauty secrets from ancient Chinese medicine books to formulate this product, click here.

Let’s discuss how your life looks like right now…

You wake up in the morning; feel ready to conquer the day with a positive attitude.

But when you look in the mirror, you notice fine lines and wrinkles that show the signs of ageing.

Your heart sinks, and you start to feel a knot forming in your stomach.

As you examine your face more closely, you see that your skin is not as tight and bright as it used to be… You start to feel a sense of disappointment and frustration.

You’ve taken care of your skin all these years, using expensive creams and lotions, but they aren’t preventing the signs of ageing.

You start to feel like the beauty products are betraying you.

These negative emotions become more potent when you think about your day ahead. You are worried about how people will see you.

You start to feel anxious and insecure.

You worry that people will judge you based on your appearance.

These thoughts become overwhelming and it’s very hard to focus on anything else.

Well, these emotions are normal and many women experience them as they age. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed about the natural changes that come with ageing.

But there is a solution…

You don’t have to deal with all these negative emotions…

You can control the signs of ageing and have brighter skin every day with…

The NEW Herbal Super-Serum Sheet Mask

(Soaked in super-serum blend of 13 natural herbal extracts)

In addition to reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it provides natural benefits that set it apart from many high-end anti-ageing products.

For example…

How Is It Better Than Other Serum Masks?

The usual serum masks you find in the market artificially lock water in your skin.

Their ingredients are absorbed into the top layers of the skin only. That’s why their benefits are temporary and artificial.

But this herbal super-serum sheet mask has a traditional Chinese medicine formula of 13 natural herbal extracts that target the root causes of ageing, dullness, & dehydration.

And it also enhances the circulation of blood in your face.

This unlocks a whole new level of hydration and also dissolves toxins under your skin.

When the nutrients from within your body reach your face, they erase wrinkles, restore your natural glow, and make your skin look healthy and youthful.

But what if…

You have a sensitive & thin skin…?

Some women have very sensitive skin which makes it impossible for them to use common anti-ageing creams.

But there is one thing you need to know.

All the ingredients of this herbal super-serum sheet mask are safe for all skin types and have calming properties too.

For example,

One of its ingredients is “Apricot Kernel”.

It is a useful ingredient for soothing and calming irritated and inflamed skin. Furthermore, due to its moisturizing properties, it’s well-suited for people with dry skin.


The 13 natural herbs in our super-serum sheet mask that make it more effective than other anti-aging products

Red Ginseng

It’s the strongest herb in nourishing the qi and kidney essence, and also helps to nourish blood.

Peach Kernel

Improves circulation and removes blood stasis.

Dong Quai

The strongest herb in replenishing blood.


It improves circulation and removes blood stasis. It helps the ingredients to be deeply absorbed by the body.


Very good at nourishing yin energy which helps with promoting water circulation to the surface of your skin.


It dissolves dampness.


It dissolves dampness.


It dissolves dampness, and acts as a guide to drive nutrients deep into the skin.

Apricot Kernel

It dissolves phlegm—which is a thicker version of dampness (a form of inflammation). It also locks hydration in the skin.

Dried Ginger

It warms your skin and boosts circulation. It also helps to clear out toxins.


It warms your skin and boosts circulation, clearing out toxins.

Ge Gen

It moisturises the skin.


It nourishes blood and helps to harmonise and balance everything in the formula. It plays the role of the mediator / peacemaker.


Thanks to the powerful combination of these 13 natural herbs… You notice an immediate difference in your skin after using your first herbal super-serum sheet mask.

And when you use it consistently for a month, it changes your life completely.

You achieve and maintain healthy, youthful-looking skin.

You feel good every morning and experience a rush of joy and confidence as you catch a glimpse of your bright, beautiful face in the mirror.

Is it inconvenient & time-consuming?

No… It’s very simple to use and brightens your skin in JUST 15 MINUTES…

1. Start with clean, dry skin

2. Carefully unfold the sheet mask and apply it to your face, with the unlined side on the skin.

3. Peel off the protective layer (mesh lining) and smooth the mask to the skin.

4. Leave on for 15 minutes, allowing the serum to infuse deeply. 

5. Remove the sheet mask and massage the remaining serum into the skin.


Hi, I’m Shu Rong, traditional Chinese medicine practitioner & acupuncturist and creator of Doctor Rong herbal formulas.

So, what inspired me to create this product?

When I reached 45 years old, my skin was not as radiant as when I was younger. It was saggy, wrinkly and much dryer. Looking at the mirror, I thought “this is not my real self!” I couldn’t accept it. 

When I was younger, I didn’t need to use skincare products that much. My skin was flawless. I was taking very good care of myself with my traditional Chinese medicine lifestyle—and it showed on my face. 

But now it was different. I knew I needed to do something for my skin. I thought to try the luxury skincare in the market. They were promising amazing results. But after using these products for about a year, I was left disappointed. I didn’t see the results I expected. I felt like I would never find my youthful self again.

At that point, I remembered that 24 years ago, I was a junior Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor at a hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China. 

My supervisor asked me to take on a side project for the department of dermatology. They were looking to formulate a face mask with Chinese herbs to treat their female patients that showed signs of ageing. 

My supervisor thought I was the right person to make this herbal formula. She knew I come from a family of TCM doctors and I also liked to spend time in the library, studying the classics of Chinese medicine. After a few months of research, I found many “lost” beauty secrets in ancient Chinese medicine books. 

I combined my findings with my formal training as a TCM doctor, and the knowledge my grandparent passed to me—my grandpa was an outstanding TCM doctor. The result was a powerful facial rejuvenation formula that was exactly what the department wanted. 

When they used the formula for the first time, they were amazed. My formula became an instant hit and was deemed as the “secret” beauty weapon of their skin clinic. 

So you might be asking: “Why haven’t you been using your own formula then, so you don’t get signs of ageing?” At the time, I was so young—about 21 years old. I didn’t need to treat my skin. My complexion was basically flawless for the next 20 years (other than some minor pigmentation I developed after giving birth to my daughter). Also, this formula was difficult to make and difficult to use—it was in powder form. So I just forgot about it.

Fast forward 20 years, I was now struggling with my skin. And that’s when I had an epiphany me: “What if I made my facial rejuvenation formula again for myself?” I would give myself the beauty product I couldn’t find in the market. 

The only problem was I didn’t keep any record of it. After I delivered the project to my supervisor, I basically moved on to focus on my career in traditional Chinese Medicine. Also, I was now in the UK. If I wanted to have my formula, I had to start from scratch.

This time, I did even more extensive research. I experimented with a lot of different herbs—more than 50. I needed to test them in different concentrations and see whether they were actually safe and effective. I tested them on my skin which is very sensitive. If a herb was not good, it would show immediately on my face. 

It’s not like the more I used, the better. The effectiveness of the formula comes from the synergy of the herbs. I did not only need to select the most powerful herbs, but also combine them in the correct proportions. 

In the end, I figured it out! I discovered exactly what herbs to use and in what proportions. I perfected the formula. Then, I used it every day for 3 months. 

It was burdensome because it was in powder form. I needed to mix it with water and then use a cling film to seal it on my face, wait for 15 minutes and then wash it off. The effect, however, was amazing! 

My face was visibly lifted the very first time. The pigmentation became lighter and lighter. My wrinkles shrank and I couldn’t see any fine lines. My skin became tighter and I literally looked 10 years younger. Afterwards, I completely got rid of my expensive skincare. I was just using my formula and a bit of oil as a moisturiser—to lock in the hydration from my formula. 

I was so excited by the results. I wanted to see what my formula could do for other people. I gave it to a few friends. My formula worked like magic for them too—it was astonishing. 

Then I decided to use the formula in my TCM clinic. I had quite a few patients coming to me for facial rejuvenation treatments. I was using acupuncture and ingestible herbal medicine to improve their complexion. But now, I added my herbal formula to amplify the treatment. I would then give them the formula as a prescription to use at home. 

The word about my facial rejuvenation treatment spread quickly. I even had people approaching me to talk business. They wanted to mass-produce the formula in America and Asia. But the time was not ripe. I was busy with my TCM clinic in Cambridge and didn’t have time to oversee the production and guarantee the quality. Also, I didn’t want to reveal my formula to people outside my family. I consider it a family secret.

But when my daughter used the formula as well, she got so excited about it (how couldn’t she? Haha… My formula gave her flawless skin on her wedding day). She wanted to help me bring it to the market. 

I thought, “There must be many women like me who spend a small fortune on skincare but are left disappointed. My formula is the epitome of my 30 years as a TCM practitioner and incorporates ancient Chinese skincare secrets along with the insights my family passed on to me. It gave me glowing skin and also made me look how I felt inside. What woman doesn’t want that?”

So I said yes to my daughter. We managed to distil the formula into a potent super-serum and package it as a sheet mask that’s so much easier to use. 

I’m so happy we can bring this product to you because I believe every woman deserves to have glowing, youthful skin. From mother to daughter, from us to you… Use our sheet mask to restore your natural radiance and let your true self shine through your face.

Absolutely! Our sheet mask is drenched in our super serum blend of 13 natural herbal extracts. Regardless of your skin type or concern, the formula will rebalance your skin and correct the underlying causes of your skin problems. It will not irritate your skin, as it is gentle and natural. It unlocks your skin’s healing mechanism, allowing it to self-correct. If you have oily skin, it will reduce oiliness. If your skin is too dry, it will help it stay moist.

But how can that be possible you may be asking…? According to traditional Chinese medicine, the real cause of dehydration and skin problems is “blood and qi stasis”. It’s a phenomenon observed in Traditional Chinese Medicine when the blood and qi are not circulating very well. It means that nutrients and hydration are not reaching your skin as much. This stagnation causes toxins to accumulate under your skin which then break down and prevent the production of collagen in your face. All these results in saggy, wrinkly, dehydrated skin.

Our super serum is actually a traditional Chinese medicine herbal formula for facial rejuvenation, that dissolves blood stasis under your skin and stimulates blood circulation. That way, your body can deliver water and nutrients to your face without obstructions, giving your that natural, healthy-looking glow that lasts.

The ‘Blooming Peach Blossoms’ sheet mask works best when applied before bed. Our corrective super-serum is rich and silky with a heavier consistency. You can absolutely use our sheet mask in your pre-makeup routine as well. Just make sure you wash off the serum before you apply makeup.

For evening/pre-bed routines:

Apply the sheet mask on your face after you’ve cleansed. Make sure you remove the sheet mask while it’s still moist (in about 15 minutes). Then, you’re ready for bed.

You might find it slightly sticky, but don’t wash it off after removing the sheet mask paper. And don’t use a night moisturiser either.

Our formula will keep your skin hydrated. Just wash your face when you get up the next morning. Your skin will feel very comfortable, dewy, and balanced, with just the right amount of moisture! 

For morning/pre-event routines:

Apply the sheet mask on your face after you cleansed. Make sure you remove the sheet mask while it’s still moist (in about 15 minutes). Make sure you wash off the serum before you apply makeup, sunscreen etc.

IMPORTANT: If you’re following our full facial rejuvenation treatment—daily sheet masking for 30 days straight—we recommend using the sheet mask in your evening/pre-bed routine. That’s because the serum will be working on your face throughout the night to correct any skin imbalance you might have. 

Using the Doctor Rong sheet mask occasionally will give you an instant hydration boost with a clean, refreshed, healthy feeling. This deep sense of hydration will last at least 24 hours. 

Using the sheet mask 2-3 times a week, will not only keep your skin deeply hydrated throughout the week, but also reduce sagginess, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

And if you want dramatic, super-wow, extraordinary results, we recommend doing a full month of sheet masking—30 days in a row before bed. Our formula will rebalance your skin and allow it to work as it was supposed to work. Blood and qi will circulate abundantly in your face, delivering a flow of nutrients and moisture that will reveal a natural, healthy radiance. Then, you would just have to maintain your skin with a healthy lifestyle and an occasional sheet mask (once a week).

We create our products with this goal in mind… to have you jump for joy with the results. However if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s how it works…

Email us at [email protected] within 30 days after placing your order. We will give you the return address where you need to ship the unopened sheet masks (we only accept unused, unopened sheet masks). When we receive your shipment, we will issue you a refund. The refund amount will be adjusted according to the number of returned sheet masks. For example, if you order 5 masks and return 3 of them, we will issue you a 60% (3 / 5) refund on your order amount. 

Please note: We will issue you a refund only after we’ve received your returned, unopened sheet masks. You assume any risk of lost, theft or damaged goods during transit. Thus, we advise you to insure your parcel. Doctor Rong Ltd is not responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

If you place your order before 12 pm (UK time) on weekdays, we’ll ship it to you on the same day (except at times of super high demand when it may take up to 48 hours to ship your package).

Estimated delivery times

  • UK: Typically 2-3 business days
  • USA: Typically 11-14 business days
  • Rest of the world: Typically 11-14 business days

In the UK & USA, we offer free shipping for our sheet masks.

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