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Growth Formula for Girls

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100% natural and plant-based

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Bone Growth Formula for Children & Teenagers

Help Your Child Grow Taller with Doctor Rong's Natural Herbal Formula.

Every Child Deserves to Be Healthy & Grow to Their Full Potential...

Slow growth is usually a result of liver, spleen or kidney deficiencies, as well as congested and blocked meridian channels, which can even lead to long-term health problems.

How Doctor Rong’s Bone Growth Formula Can Help Your Child...

Enhances Digestion

Helps your child's liver, spleen and kidneys work optimally so they can fully absorb the nutrients from food.

Nourishes the Blood

Distributes nutrients throughout the body, rebalancing a vast array of physical & emotional functions.

Improves Sleep​

Helps the child relax and rest deeply during sleep while boosting growth hormones that stimulate growth.

Enhances Digestion

Helps your child's liver, spleen and kidneys work optimally so they can fully absorb the nutrients from food.

Nourishes the Blood

Distributes nutrients throughout the body, rebalancing a vast array of physical & emotional functions.

Improves Sleep​

Helps the child relax and rest deeply during sleep while boosting growth hormones that stimulate growth.


Potent Formula

A result of combining ancient wisdom, extensive herbal knowledge, and over 30 years of experience in practising TCM.

100% Plant Based

There are no animal derived ingredients in our herbal formulas.

Premium Ingredients

Hand-made in Cambridge, UK, with 100% natural, traditionally-produced, concentrated herb extracts. Our herb quality is recognised by the NHS and certified by Australia TGA and American GMP.

Free Shipping

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How the Formula Works

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, the kidney is the prenatal foundation of the body. It governs bones and produces marrow. Human body development relies on kidney function. The spleen and stomach are the postnatal foundation of the body. They are the source of the production of the Qi and blood. They digest food, absorb food essence, and distribute it around the body.

The liver governs tendons and ligaments, dominates distribution of Qi, and helps the spleen’s distribution of food essence. The kidney requires food essence in order to complete its own development and also help spleen transform food essence into Qi and blood. So the kidney, the spleen and the liver play crucial roles during adolescence. This formula can enhance the functions of the kidney, spleen and liver, improve circulation and encourage healthy adolescent development.

Nocturnal emissions (for boys) and vaginal discharge (for girls) during adolescence should be minimised, because they contain kidney essence. Kidney essence is extremely important as it can transform into qi and blood, and help healthy bone growth. Doctor Rong’s Growth Formula helps to resolve this problem, so that the essence is distributed to the appropriate parts of the body.

In some cases there may be blockages in the channels which prevents the qi and blood from circulating properly. Doctor Rong’s Growth Formula can help to unblock the channels so that the qi and blood can distribute correctly. This ensures that the organs develop well and that normal healthy growth takes place.


American Ginseng

Supplementing qi and nourishing yin;  clear away heat and promote salivation. After entering puberty, many kids might experience mood swings or slow body development. This is due to energy not running smoothly in the body and the internal heat is too heavy. American Ginseng can reduce the heat in the body, promote energy circulation, improve brain development, regulate the immune system, and thereby prevent the stagnation in growth.


Nourish kidney and liver, strengthen bones, tendons, and ligaments. A healthy kidney is the key to growth. Eucommia can protect the kidney organs by helping to transform kidney essence into kidney qi, and promote bone development. It can also strengthen tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Children in puberty might strain their ligaments and muscles due to excessive exercise or force, eucommia can also increase the speed of repair and recovery.

Cyathula Root

Reduce blood stasis and unblock channels, ease joint movement. Blood and energy stasis in the legs will prevent healthy growth.It especially promotes the circulation of blood and energy in the legs, reduce growing pains during puberty, and facilitate the growth of the legs.

Ziziphus Jujube Seed

Ziziphus Jujube Seed: Nourish the heart and calm the mind, benefit the liver and reduce the sweat. During puberty, kids might experience insomnia and more general sweating, that's because Yin and Yang become unbalanced. This herb will improve this condition.

Lotus Stamen

Strengthen the kidney and protect semen. After boys enter puberty, they might experience nocturnal emissions. If that happens too frequently, then a lot of kidney essence will be lost, which will stunt growth. Lotus stamen can strengthen the kidney and protect semen, and decrease nocturnal emissions.

Herba Cistanche

Reinforce the organs, strengthen bones and ligaments, consolidate kidney essence. Improves the functions of your organs, protect and consolidate your kidney essence, facilitate the natural growth of your bones and ligaments.

Cherokee Rose Hip

Replenish the kidney and reduce vaginal discharge. After girls enter puberty, they will experience vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge derives from the vital energy and essence. Too much vaginal discharge will cause excessive loss of kidney essence, and hinder growth. Cherokee rose hip can protect kidney essence, and prevent excessive discharge.

Dong Quai

Nourish and promote blood, regulate menstruation and relieve pain. Menstruation derives from kidney essence. Irregular period, period pain, and other symptoms will all deplete kidney essence and impede growth. Dong Quai is a great herb for regulating menstruation. A moderate amount of it has a good regulating effect on girl's menstruation during adolescence.

How to Use the Formula

Start in September

Take the supplement from 8th of September 8 until the next year's 4th of February (that's about 10 weeks).


Take the supplement once a week only. On that day, you need to take it twice, preferably before breakfast and half an hour before bedtime.

Mix & Consume

For boys, mix 4g per serving into rooster or pork rib soup. For girls, mix 4g per serving into hen or pork rib soup. hen or pork rib soup. Drink the soup and eat the meat.

About Shu Rong

TCM Practitioner & Creator of Doctor Rong Herbal Formulas

Our herbal supplements are formulated by Shu Rong, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist.

Shu Rong started her profession as a TCM doctor and acupuncturist in 1988 and has many years of experience of working as a doctor-in-charge of a hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China, and as managing doctor in well-known TCM clinics in the UK. She has cured patients from many different countries suffering from “incurable” illnesses, including the Deputy Ruler of Dubai.

She has formulated many health & beauty herbal medicines like the ‘Growth Formula for Teenagers’, ‘Dr Rong’s Hair-Growing Conditioner’ ‘Facial Rejuvenation Face & Eye Mask’, ‘Dr Rong’s Skin Blemish Reduction Formula’, immune-boosting supplements and more.

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