Doctor Rong

Doctor Rong Immunity

A traditional Chinese medicine formula to support your immune system. It promotes maximum immunity, boosts the body’s defensive energy, and supports the respiratory system.



Worried About COVID-19?

Getting sick is no joke… Whether you look for prevention or recovery, our herbal supplements can help you fight against viruses.

Potent Formulas

A result of combining ancient wisdom, extensive herbal knowledge, and over 30 years of experience in practising TCM.

Premium Ingredients

Hand-made in Cambridge, UK, with 100% natural, traditionally-produced, concentrated herb extracts*.

100% Plant Based

There are no animal derived ingredients in our herbal formulas.


Mix 4 grams of herbal powder with 150ml of hot water. Then drink it like tea. Use this supplement 2 times a day and allow at least 4 hours in between. The best time to drink it is 30 minutes to 3 hours after your meal.

Please note: The ‘IMMUNITY Herbal Boost’ is a formula to strengthen your immune system and prevent viral infections. If you’re already infected, you’ll need the ‘DEFENCE Herbal Boost’

Buy More and Save

Single Bottle Doctor Rong IMMUNITY – Save £10 (17%), 3 Bottles Doctor Rong IMMUNITY – Save £45 (25%), 6 Bottles Doctor Rong IMMUNITY – Save £108 (30%)

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