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"Hopeless… until I found this weird skincare secret"

How my mom’s Chinese medicine hack gave me gorgeous wedding skin

By: Jessica Matra | January 12, 2023
Hopeless… until I found this weird skincare secret - How my mom’s Chinese medicine beauty hack gave me gorgeous skin on my special day

‘Bad skin’ days can really knock down your confidence. And mine went through the floor ahead of my special day…

But thanks to my ‘Chinese medicine extraordinaire’ mom, I discovered a little-known beauty secret that gave me flawless wedding skin.

If you’ve been struggling with dull or dehydrated skin, this story will give you the most exciting skincare insight you’ve ever had, and can literally transform your skincare results.

So here it goes.

With only 5 weeks left before my wedding, I was still getting random pimples on my face. My skin also looked flaky and dehydrated.

“What if this unruly skin ruins my special day?”

“If my skin is not smooth, the makeup won’t sit well and I’ll look awful.”

If you’re anything like me, you don’t even wanna get out of the house with bad skin. Don’t even mention being photographed so you NEVER forget your wedding day… with miserable skin lol

The funny thing is, for most of my life, I didn’t have to worry about my skin. My mom always prepared those well-balanced meals, infused with her Chinese medicine herbs that made my skin glow from the inside out. 

But when I left for college, I was not careful with my diet. I’m a foodie you see. I enjoy spicy snacks, fried food, barbecues… basically, everything that’s not good for the skin.

But now I NEEDED clear, glowing skin. And I needed it fast. I tried everything I could find on the market: Sheet masks, super-serums, exfoliators, face creams… you name it!

But I didn’t see much of a difference. 

I told my mom how worried I was. My mom, who’s been practising Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 30 years and is a skincare expert, told me:

“The products you’re using will not help much because they don’t target the underlying problem which is qi & blood stasis”. 

I’m like “I have no idea what ‘qi & blood stasis’ means, mom!”

She said, “Blood stasis is like a river that doesn’t flow much.” 

“Mom, I don’t have a PhD in Chinese philosophy!”, I exclaimed lol.

“Ok ok, I’ll make it simple…”, she goes.

“When the qi & blood are not flowing to your face that much, there’s not enough water and nutrients reaching your complexion. As a result, your skin looks dehydrated. 

What’s worse, toxins accumulate under your skin. They get trapped, making you look dull and causing pimples.” my mom said.

That was a big ‘aha’ moment for me.

My mom reached over to the herb cabinet and grabbed a bottle of her Chinese medicine formula that dissolves qi & blood stasis. She’s been using this formula in her TCM clinic as an advanced facial treatment for her patients who want blemish-free skin. 

To formulate it, she combined her 30-year experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, along with the nearly lost beauty secrets she found in the ancient Chinese medicine books…

…and the insights her grandfather & great-grandfather passed to her—believe it or not, our family has a history of practising Traditional Chinese Medicine traced back 600 years!

What she created was a 100% natural herbal powder formula with the most powerful anti-ageing herbs. She said: “If you use this herbal formula daily for 30 days, your skin will be flawless for the wedding.”

I was super excited. Not just because I trusted my mom fully…

…but at this point, I had completely lost hope in my expensive skincare.

I did my mom’s mask for 30 days straight… and in the end, my skin looked fantastic! I felt so relieved I didn’t miss out on looking my most beautiful at my wedding. 

I couldn’t wait to share the photos with my friends. Thanks to mom, I was able to steal the show that day. 

Flawless wedding skin thanks to Doctor Rong Chinese medicine skincare secrets

After all that, I got super excited about my mom’s beauty secrets. I wanted to help her bring the herbal formula to the market. But there was a problem…

The formula was hard to use. It was in powder form. You needed to mix it with water, apply the paste on your face, and then seal your face with a cling film… the same kind of film people use to wrap food. It was very clunky. 

We needed to make it easier to use.

Eventually, we found a way to distil the powder mix into a potent super-serum that could now be used to drench a sheet mask, which is so much easier to use but still gives you all of the benefits.

This product is the culmination of my mum’s herbal expertise along with ancient Chinese skincare secrets. I’m so happy we are able to bring it to you because every woman deserves to have glowing, youthful skin. 

We named it “Blooming Peach Blossoms” because the peach blossom is bright and beautiful, and symbolises love, life, and femininity in traditional Chinese culture. 

A famous poem from the Zhou Dynasty compares the beauty and charm of women on their wedding days to that of the blooming peach blossoms in spring.

And hey… it was my wedding that inspired us to create this sheet mask. Plus, the formula itself contains peach kernel extract. So I think, it’s just the perfect name for it!

From mother to daughter, from us to you… use our sheet mask to restore your natural radiance and look amazing on all those important days of your life!

Click here to order the ‘Blooming Peach Blossoms’ sheet mask now, and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

Picture of Jessica


Picture of Jessica


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