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Heartbreaks Might Lead To Serious Illnesses? How To Heal A Broken Heart

Nowadays people start dating from a very young age and have many heartbreaks. How deep is the hurt of being heartbroken? It is beyond your imagination! How can you avoid the hurt and heal yourself?

Nowadays people start dating from a very young age and have many heartbreaks. How deep is the hurt of being heartbroken? It is beyond your imagination! How can you avoid the hurt and heal yourself?

In many years of clinical practice, I encountered many patients suffering from stomach cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and ovarian cancer. Many people begin to experience depression, insomnia, headaches, bloating, pantothenic acid, breast tenderness, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, etc. after bad breakups. If it is not treated in time, it may get worse and worse.


1. Why does breakup hurt so deeply?


Many people might think that the pain of ending a relationship is just a mental trauma. How can it damage one’s physical health?

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that emotions and organs are connected. Emotions are the emotional expressions of the organs, and organs are the physical carriers of emotions. The seven emotions of joy, anger, worry, melancholy, grief, fear, and fright are the spiritual activities of your internal organs after being stimulated by outside sources. Fright and joy enter the heart, anger enters the liver, grief and worry enter the lungs, melancholy enters the spleen, and fear enters the kidneys. These organs can produce corresponding emotions when their functions are healthy, which allow us humans to live rich emotional lives.

When there are problems with organ functions, there will be excessive or insufficient emotional reactions. When your emotions are too extreme, it will in turn hurt our organs. Emotions cause illnesses directly in the organs, which is the direct cause of the organ problems.

Therefore, when you are entrenched in the sadness of going through a heartbreak, this emotion will start to hurt your lungs. Your immunity will begin to decline, and external infections will easily overwhelm you. The harmful microorganisms hidden in your body will start to become active. The gut microbiota becomes imbalanced, and it doesn’t matter what probiotics you ingest.

When you are full of resentment and anger, this foul mood will begin to hurt your liver, causing the liver to gradually lose its function of purifying the blood. Your qi and blood will not run smoothly and energy channels will be blocked, so nodules, lumps, tumors and cancers begin to grow.

If you cannot let go of the relationship, still lingering and thinking about it, it will gradually damage the function of the spleen. You might lose appetite, lose weight, and suffer from gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastric cancer, etc. Your spleen’s function of transporting and transforming water and moisture will also decrease, and any bad microorganisms in your body will become vigorous just like the rainy season…

Emotional damage can cause dire consequences on your health. I hope those who are going through heartbreaks will not be trapped, disturbed, or hurt by emotions.


2. How To Mend A Broken Heart?


People who experience the trauma of a bad breakup must first learn to help themselves, and only when the strength of self-help is not enough do they need to seek medicine.

Here are a few simple and effective treatments for healing a broken heart:

1. Acupoint massage: When you feel angry, massage the Taichong and Baihui points to help clear your liver qi, relieve angry emotions, protect the liver; prevent liver cancer, uterine cancer, and ovarian cancer. When you are sad, massage your Tanzhong acupoint, which dissipates the bad qi in the chest, prevents lung cancer and breast cancer. If you feel melancholy and have no appetite, massage Zhongwan acupoint to strengthen the spleen and stomach to prevent gastric cancer. If you have swollen breasts, massage your Tianchi acupoint. This will help to disperse the congested blood and qi that has accumulated in the breasts and prevent breast cancer.

2. Meditation: Meditation is the magic treatment for healing a broken heart. Nothing can be more effective than meditation. It can quickly put you into the embrace of Mother Nature and instantly forget all your unhappiness. It helps to heal the wound, and let you return to innocence and beauty.

3. Herbs For Healing A Broken Heart: Albizia Flower and Dried Daylily

Jikang’s Theory of Health Care (Western Jin Dynasty) said: Albizia erases anger, daylily forgets sorrow. Albizia flower and daylily are the best ingredients to help you heal your heartache.

Daylily is also known as “forget sorrow herb” in China. Dried Daylily can be bought in Chinese supermarkets. Regular consumption of daylily can help you release stress, and prevent lung cancer and breast cancer.

Albizia flower is the flower of the Albizia Julibrissin, or also know as the Persian silk tree. The oldest surviving Chinese materia medica, Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, says that the flower can “settles the internal organs, harmonizes the mind ,and make people happy and worry-free.” This flower can be bought in Chinese herbal shops. Use 10 grams every time, boil it with water, then drink it like tea. It can lift your mood and it’s not addictive.


3. How To Prevent A Broken Heart?


1. Don’t enter into relationships when you’re too young in age. Because the mind and body are not yet mature. The best childbearing age for women is 28 to 35 years old, and the best childbearing age for men is 32 to 40 years old.

2. Check whether the Bazi of both parties are harmonious. The eight number of your birth date contain the information of the five elements. The husband and wife must be in harmony with the five elements to get along easily and affectionately, otherwise there will be constant conflicts.

3. If people with bad destiny want to change their fortune, they should look for those whose five elements will restrain them. But this kind of person must have high morals and temperament, otherwise the two people will quarrel or divorce. Changing luck is not so easy.


4. Conclusion


Life is full of pain and happiness, and both pain and happiness come from your emotions. Within the seven emotions (joy, anger, worry, melancholy, grief, fear, and fright), joy is a positive emotion, which is the emotion we pursue. It corresponds to the heart, and it brings beauty to people. Of the five flavours (sour, sweet, spicy, bitter, and salty), only bitterness is our least favourite taste, but this taste also corresponds to the heart. In other words, what the heart endures is bitterness, and what comes out is joy. This is the secret of the true meaning of life.


It’s easy to fall into negative emotions. Only when you strengthen your mind and practice enlightenment can you control and rise above your emotions.

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