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Beautiful Hair With All Natural Homemade Shampoo

Modern people’s hair is generally inferior to our predecessors. I remember my grandparents who had black and shiny hair even when they were very old, and most of their peers were like that. Now when you walk on the street, you will see some bald heads or sparse hair, and many people wear wigs. Why is this so? The culprit might be the modern shampoo. Many people experience itchy, dry, oily scalp, eczema and severe hair loss after using shampoo.

Nowadays many people pursue smooth and silky hair, and want a lot of foam when washing their hair. In order to cater to demands of the customers, and to extend the shelf life of the products, manufacturers have added a lot of chemical substances to the shampoo. While giving people’s hair a smooth and silky finish, the shampoo also damages the roots and scalp. Long-term use of such shampoos has caused more and more damage to the hair, so that hair loss has become one of the most troublesome problems in contemporary times.

Introducing the all natural homemade shampoo that is good for hair

Some ancient shampoos not only clean the hair, but also promotes hair growth and have anti-hair loss effects. Here are some natural shampoos with simple ingredients that are easy to use, and have nourishing effects.

1. Fermented rice water:

Rice Water is the best shampoo of all natural shampoos. It not only has a good shampoo effect, but also promotes hair growth and makes hair moist, smooth and thick. The rice water is rich in “water-soluble vitamins” and trace elements, which can prevent hair loss and help the pigment cells of the hair to produce melanin, making the hair black and shiny. The rice water is also rich in starch, protein, and amino acids. After they are fermented, the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the hair, and the cleanse ability is also enhanced. Therefore, rice water is an excellent shampoo.

Usage: after rinsing the rice with water, strain the water into an airtight container. The rice water can be poured into the same container every day, and it can be used for shampooing after staying in the container for more than 2 days.

Before washing your hair, heat the rice water. Then massage the scalp and hair with the rice water for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards, wash the scalp and hair with warm water.

You can also add some plant juices with hair nourishing effect and aromatic scent in the rice water, such as lemon peel, rosemary, pineapple, passion fruit, lavender, wild chrysanthemum, etc. People with scalp ulcers or allergies should use with caution.

2. Egg white:

Egg white not only has a good ability to remove hair dirt, but also contains all the nutrients needed by chicken feathers, which has a very good maintenance effect on human hair. It can not only prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, but also make hair shiny and beautiful.

Usage: According to the amount of hair, prepare 1-3 egg whites. Wet the hair first, then pour the egg white on the scalp and hair, gently rub the scalp and hair for about 5-10 minutes, then wash the hair with warm water.

Make sure the water temperature is not too high, otherwise it will cause the egg protein to coagulate on the hair and not wash it cleanly. Those who are allergic to protein should not use it.

3. Rice vinegar:

Rice vinegar can not only remove oil and dirt from the hair, but also has the effects of invigorating blood and removing blood stasis, reducing swelling and detoxification, improving the blood circulation of the scalp, and has the effects of anti-itching, anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff.

Usage: Mix one part vinegar with three parts water, then pour it on the hair and scalp, gently massage it for 5-10 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

Note: Vinegar has a certain amount of irritation. If the scalp is damaged, allergic, or if you suffer from respiratory diseases, you should be used with caution or avoid it completely.

Ancient Shampoo Methods

The shampoo materials used by the ancients are all from nature, which has both hairdressing effects and cleansing ability. Long-term use can make hair healthier. Modern shampoos give people a sense of comfort and beauty when they are first used, but it is like a trap. Once in, it is difficult to come out, and it is getting worse.

The disadvantage is that it isdifficult to achieve the smooth and sleek requirements of modern people when using these ancient natural shampoos are. Because people in ancient times did not need hair to be too smooth. They put their hair in pigtails and buns, and it’s not easy to do that if the hair that was too smooth.

If you want to use ancient natural shampoo, but also want to make your hair feel smooth, then you can treat your hair with egg yolk or fruit vinegar after shampooing. Egg yolk care for dry hair: Disperse an appropriate amount of egg yolk and spread it evenly on the washed hair, wrap it in a plastic film for 5-10 minutes, and then wash it off. Oily hair: Mix one part fruit vinegar with five parts water, apply it evenly on the hair, wrap it in a towel or plastic film for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it off with water. You can also add a few drops of lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil to the egg yolk and vinegar to not only make the hair fragrant, but also soft and shiny.

By going back to tradition and using natural shampoo as much as possible, you’ll not only care for your hair, but also protect the environment. Let’s enjoy both beautiful nature and healthy hair.

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