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About Shu Rong

Chinese Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist

Creator of Doctor Rong Herbal Supplements

Shu Rong started her profession as a TCM doctor and acupuncturist in 1988 and has many years of experience working as a doctor-in-charge of a hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China, and as a managing doctor in a well-known TCM clinic in the UK. She has cured patients from many different countries suffering from “incurable” illnesses, including the Deputy Ruler of Dubai.

As a professional practitioner, Shu Rong has been invited to various national and international TCM conferences and has published her clinical findings in a range of internationally renowned TCM journals.

Shu Rong believes every patient is important to her and will treat every patient to the highest possible standard, no matter what the suffering is. She doesn’t simply treat the symptoms of an illness; she actually cures the root of the disease.

Shu Rong expertly uses a wide range of diagnostic and treatment skills that she has gathered in more than 30 years of practice.

Shu Rong has also formulated many health & beauty herbal supplements like the ‘Growth Formula for Teenagers’, ‘Hair Loss Protectant’, ‘Facial Rejuvenation Face & Eye Mask’, ‘Skin Blemish Reduction Formula’, immune-boosting supplements and more.

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