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7 Things You Must Not Do During the COVID-19 Self-Isolation

Due to the highly contagious nature of the new coronavirus, people infected with it need to be quarantined. Some countries enforce mandatory hotel quarantine, while some countries allow self-isolation at home. Isolation at home undoubtedly offers more freedom.

However, since most people who stay at home for isolation period only have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic, many do not pay much attention to their own wellbeing, or do not know how to take care of themselves. As a result, mild cases might turn into severe cases, and severe cases might become critical. There are also people whose health deteriorated because they did not take good care of their bodies after the infection, which created conditions for a second infection, and the symptoms of the second infection were much more serious.

Why is it necessary to take good care of oneself even if there are no symptoms or the symptoms are very mild? Why is it easy to cause a second infection and more severe symptoms without maintenance?

Chinese medicine believes that the human body is like a country. Why can a person be attacked by the virus? And why can the virus can successfully invade the human body? One reason is that the person did not pay enough attention to protection, and another reason is because there are already weaknesses inside the body, therefore provides an opportunity for the virus to take advantage of it. Once a virus enters the human body and penetrates into the cells, the human body will mobilize its righteous Qi (disease resistance) to fight the virus. If the human body’s righteous Qi is stronger than the evil Qi (pathogenic ability) of the virus, it will clear the virus and heal itself. If the righteous energy of the human body is evenly matched with the evil Qi of the virus, it will fight repeatedly, and the physical symptoms will last for a long time. If the righteous Qi of the human body is weaker than the evil Qi of the virus, it will be attacked by the virus and the condition will worsen. Regardless of whether the human body’s righteousness is strong or not, energy will be consumed in the process of fighting the virus, so it is very important to nourish oneself.

In order to maintain your righteous Qi, you must not do the following seven things during the self-isolation period:

1. Staying up late

Staying up late is extremely harmful to Yin blood, leading to immune dysfunction and aggravating the infection. Especially those who have been infected with the coronavirus have already been captured by the “enemy”, yet are still damaging themselves further. Bit by bit they are depleting their own Yin blood. Yin blood is the material basis for transforming righteous qi, and righteous qi is the functional performance of Yin blood in fighting the virus. Therefore, protecting Yin blood is equivalent to protecting the righteous qi.

2. Smoking

Smoking hurts the lungs, everyone knows that. The main target of the coronavirus attack is the lungs, yet additionally you use cigarette poison to damage the lungs, it is equivalent to when the enemy is attacking the city, the traitor opens the city gate and invite them in. The enemy will occupy your town without any effort, and the lungs have been captured. This is why the number of smokers infected in this pandemic is much higher than that of non-smokers.

3. Alcohol

Some people say that drinking does not hurt the lungs. Can the coronavirus be killed by alcohol? In fact, the concentration of alcohol does not reach the concentration that kills the virus, so it has no lethal effect on the virus. On the contrary, according to the five elements , alcohol belong to fire. When it enters the human body, it enters the body through blood circulation and also enters the lungs. The Yin blood of the lungs is damaged by alcohol, so the chance of contracting the coronavirus will be greatly increased. And the symptoms are more likely to get worse.

4. Sex

Some people say that since both parties in the relationship are infected, and living in the same room, it is natural to be having sex. But you are not healthy now, and infected with the virus. The virus has entered your body, so you must mobilize all your strength to deal with the virus. This is a war, and in this war maybe you’ll win, maybe you’ll lose, so you must save your Yin blood and righteous qi to the greatest extent to deal with the enemy. The semen and yin fluid secreted during sex are the essence of yin blood. If you waste it during sex, you are actively weakening your strength. The virus may become even stronger, and you might be defeated by it, and your conditions might get worse.

5. Anger

Many scientific studies have now found that emotions are inseparably related to our immunity. A happy mood will enhance our immunity and our ability to fight viruses. When we are in a foul mood, our immunity might be compromised, so it is easy to be attacked by viruses. Chinese medicine believes that anger will hurt the liver, and the liver is the army general of our body. It’s the most combative in nature. If the liver is injured, the enemy will of course easily take advantage of us.

6. Not Moving

moderate exercise is a good fitness method. It can promote the circulation of qi and blood, so that all organs and tissues of the body can get a sufficient supply of qi and blood。 At the same time, it can fully let blood enter the liver and kidneys, and let out the toxic substances. The excretion of the components from the body can also allow the lungs to be purified in time, so that the virus cannot stay in there easily and multiply. People who don’t like to exercise don’t have good flow of blood and qi, so the virus can more easily settle in the lungs and multiply.

7. Eat Fried and Barbecued Food

Fried and barbecued food are very hot, and hot food will damage the Yin blood and righteous energy. Therefore, the virus can easily attack the human body and win the war.

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