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7 Anti-Ageing Secrets From China’s Greatest Beauty Guru

If you are tired of chasing beauty fads, it’s time to look back for proven anti-ageing skincare routines from the ancients.

If you’re tired of always chasing the latest beauty fads, then perhaps it’s time to look back and discover proven anti-ageing and beauty tips from the ancients. And you know who were the biggest and most advanced beauty gurus back in ancient China? Not the empresses, nor the concubines in the Imperial Court, but the Taoists! 

They were the ones who searched for ways to live in harmony with the universe, prolong their lives and ultimately achieve immortality. And one of the most esteemed Taoists in history was called Sun Simiao. This ancient Taoist physician was revered as the King of medicine and lived for over 100 years. 

When he was over 80 years old, he was invited into the Royal Palace. The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Taizong, was shocked to see that Sun Simiao not only still had good hearing and vision, but also looked incredibly young for his age. In this video, we’re going to talk about seven things that helped him, and can help you, achieve firmer skin, slimmer body, shinier hair, and also feel more vibrant and youthful. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #1: Dry Wash Your Face

We start from rubbing our palms to generate some heat, then start from the end of your nose, go up to your hairline and come down around your face. Apply slight pressure to your face. Repeat this 30 times. Just make sure you don’t accidentally poke your finger up your nostril when you’re trying to go up.

By dry washing your face, you are helping to promote the flow of blood and qi to your face and reduce potential stagnation, therefore helping to prevent wrinkles and pigmentation. You can do this 30 times every session and 1 to 3 sessions per day.

Anti-Ageing Secret #2: Rub Your Ears

If you observe your ears carefully, you might notice that the ear is shaped like an upside-down fetus. Chinese Medicine believes that your ear is a microcosm of your whole body, and different parts of the ear correspond to different parts of the body. 

So by stimulating the acupuncture points here and there over 90 acupuncture points on our ears, you’ll also be able to stimulate the corresponding organs in the body through nerve impulses and energy channels. 

So first, take out your index and middle finger and put one in front and one behind the ear and just rub up and down. And you can do the same with your other ear. Down and up is one time and you do this 30 times. Next, cover your ears with your hands and just rub your ears 30 times as well. 

This is something I’ve seen my grandfather do daily. He came from a long line of Chinese medicine doctors. He’s over 92 years old and he’s still fairly healthy. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #3: Brush Your Hair and Scalp

Brush your hair is more than just detangling your mane and making yourself look presentable. It also helps to promote blood flow to the head and helps your hair to grow more healthily. In addition, we stimulate the dozens of acupuncture points on the scalp. The acupuncture points on your head are also connected to the energy channels that run through the organs and tissues in your body.

So by massaging your scalp, you’re also helping to restore balance to the whole body. Combs made from sandalwood or ox horn are really good for hair, but you can also just use the magical five-pronged comb that you carry with you everywhere: your fingers! Spread your fingers slightly and start from the hairline, then brush down the back of your head towards your neck. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #4: Chew Your Food Well

Chewing your food properly is so important for extracting the maximum amount of nutrients from the food we eat. Chewing helps to produce more saliva, and saliva is often considered the golden elixir in Taoism. It contains digestive enzymes that help your stomach and intestines break down the food molecules, allowing your body to better absorb the nutrients. When you have your meals, it’s important that you focus your attention on the food itself. 

Chew your food carefully, fully indulge in the texture and flavour, and do not distract yourself with your phone, the TV, or books. Otherwise, your attention is diverted away from your stomach to your head and eyes.

It is recommended that you chew each bite 20 to 30 times before swallowing. Another rule of thumb is to have your meal last at least 15 minutes. It takes time for your body to send signals to your brain saying that you are full. 

Eating slowly also helps to prevent you from overeating. Unless you absolutely have to dash off to save the planet or cure cancer, don’t gobble down your food and rush your meals. 

As an added bonus, by chewing your food carefully, you avoid filling up your stomach and intestines with air, therefore reducing the amount of fart you might produce. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #5: Roll Your Eyes

How often are you rolling your eyes? Probably not nearly enough. They say “Eyes are the windows to the soul”. And like any windows, we need to make sure they are clean and bright. The best way to do that is to exercise or roll your eyes often. 

First, look into eight directions. Up, down. Left. Right. Upper left. Bottom. Right. Upper right. Bottom left. Repeat 30 times. Then roll your eyes clockwise 30 times and then anticlockwise 30 times. This is especially helpful for those who are on their phones and computers all day. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #6: Be Kind

What does being kind have to do with beauty and anti-ageing? Well, Sun Simiao believed that if a person is kind and does many good deeds, then he will have a healthy mind and body and live for many, many years. But if someone’s mean and cruel, even if he takes an elixir or a panacea, he won’t live for too long.

I think that’s because Chinese medicine believes that mind and body are one. Your mind can affect your body and vice versa. Taking care of your mind and your mental state is equally important as taking care of your physical body. 

Purge your mind of negative thoughts that drag you down. Instead, focus on things that uplift and inspire you to do better. 

Anti-Ageing Secret #7: Find Your Life’s Purpose

Have you noticed that people with passion and enthusiasm for life just radiate this youthful energy? 

Sun Simiao started to learn Chinese medicine because he suffered many illnesses as a young boy. He made treating patients and helping others his mission in life. He refused the Emperor’s generous offer of official title and money and instead travelled around China to help patients collect herbs and wrote two monumental works on Chinese medicine that are still being studied today.

By finding this special mission that I believe everyone has, by being at peace with ourselves and in harmony with others, and by continuously studying and expanding our minds, we can create infinite possibilities. And you might even leave a lasting legacy that will benefit mankind. Just like our Taoist physician and King of Medicine Sun Simiao. 

If you’re currently slogging through life, find some inspiration from Jiang Ziya, the man who toiled away and finally establish himself at the ripe age of 80.

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