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You don’t have to settle. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, complex illness or other unresolved issues, we can help.

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Nobody should struggle to regain their health...

…Yet many people feel they lost control over their well-being. And it’s no surprise. Health is a confusing matter nowadays.

But you don’t have to settle for chronic pain or illness. TCM is a science with over 4,000 years of development that targets the root cause of your health problems.

At Doctor Rong’s TCM Clinic, we’ll provide you with a natural, personalised, practical treatment to regain your health & transform your life.

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About Shu Rong

Shu Rong started her profession as a TCM doctor and acupuncturist in 1988 and has many years of experience of working as a doctor-in-charge of a hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical schools in China, and as managing doctor in well-known TCM clinics in the UK. She has cured patients from many different countries suffering from “incurable” illnesses, including the Deputy Ruler of Dubai.

She has formulated many health & beauty herbal medicines like the ‘Growth Formula’, ‘Anti Hair Loss Conditioner’ ‘Facial Rejuvenation Face & Eye Mask’, ‘Skin Blemish Reduction Formula’, immune-boosting supplements and more.

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